Blogging with a purpose

I have had blogs before, if that isn’t completely obvious. And yes, I have tried doing it with a purpose before as well. I guess I have a proper subject that I would kind of like to chronicle myself anyways. I have been keeping a hard copy diary for a couple of weeks now and have fallen in love with scrawling down my insane ramblings all over again.

SO, this time i will be trying something abit different. I’m going to be ATTEMPTING to have a kind of diary/blog/thing-a-majig chronicling (is that a word, and if it is, is that the right way to spell it?) my attempt at living in Japan. Anyway, not really gonna talk about anything today…

Bye all! We’ll see where this goes, if anywhere…


One Response to “Blogging with a purpose”

  1. liljandjer Says:

    living in japan is awesome.

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